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about us

Our vision is to be a church that connects...

with God...

in the Word through our commitment to anointed preaching & our value of scripture

in worship that draws us close to God's Father heart for us

with one another...

through the quality of our relationships with one another

by building a church family that loves deeply and communicates carefully

with the world...

by reaching out in a relevant way to a hurting world that needs to encounter the wonderful, life-giving, life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


the building blocks on which we build church are


A warm welcome to our house, the house of God, from the very beginning has been foundational to our being church together.


Relevant, inspiring, empowered, faithful Biblical teaching is essential for us to grow and become strong in our faith. When we listen carefully to God's Word, we will hear Him speaking prophetically to us.


We have a passion to meet together in God's presence and to draw close to Him in worship and so see our hearts & lives shaped by being part of a worshipping community.

Pastoral care

Our role is to ensure that people's pastoral needs are met. It's in that kind of caring environment that people can flourish.

Growing gifting

There is only one way the church will come to maturity and that's when each person is growing in the gifts God has given them. When each part does its work, our church will grow.


We will in our leadership seek to set a good example, fulfil all our responsibilities, envision & guide people into God's best.


Fostering good two-way communication with one another, including with leadership, is a firm commitment & keeps us healthy. It promotes engagement & understanding. It expresses our value of one another when we communicate carefully & respectfully and commit to listening & responding thoughtfully.


Seeking to do everything we do in a spirit of excellence.

Our hope

With God's help this vision & these building blocks are shaping our reality. Our prayer as we live these values is to experience a visitation from God that will change our lives, our community and our world.

No words can fully describe the life of any church but it is with this vision & these values that we would like to extend our welcome to you to join us at one of our services.

Bless you.


about the pastor & his family

Vaughan & Marie Allen met at the London School of Theology as they both pursued God's calling on their lives. Marie had spent five years at Fackelbararna Bibel Skola, Holsbybrunn, Sweden, eventually working as Dean of Students. Vaughan worked in a mission organisation, speaking internationally before training at the London School of Theology. They were married in 2006. 

Marie & Vaughan have one growing church, and two wonderful children, Oliver & Hannah.


on our leadership team

David & Pauline Bowles share spiritual leadership of the church with Vaughan & Marie. This lovely couple have such a pastoral heart for people. They offer the warmest of hospitality and love to get to know people.

They bring real love, care, & spiritual wisdom to the church. When you come, be sure to meet them!